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Artistic timeline

Started photography as a teenager’s hobby and won many photographic prizes while in school and international awards later.
1980 – Faro - Algavre Portugal, 1982 - Vienna Austria, 1983 Athens, Greece.
1980 - 1st Greek Clothes Designers’ Show - Intercontinental Hotel Athens, photographer for clothes designer - D. Parthenis.
1982 - ‘Pire Fos’ poetic collection cover.
1982 - Plaka Art Gallery – Group exhibition painting - photography

1983 - Plaka Art Gallery - Photographic group exhibition.
1983 - ’Submarine’ poetic collection cover.
1983 - Foreign Press Association Conference Hall - Athens, one man show photographic exhibition
1983 - ’Journey To Kithira’ movie directed by Theodoros Aggelopoulos as set photographer with D. Sofikitis.

1984 - Plaka Art Gallery – photographic group show.
1986 - RSVP training audio-video slide show on sales techniques, for Olympic Airways.

1994 - Advanced airline honeycomb - packaging transportation container.
1998 - Sculptural work (Patented 1999–3rd Millennium Knight, an articulate chess piece) is incorporated at the Thessaloniki Museum of Culture and Athletics collectors’ exhibition as a chess collectors’ item with other chess sets and the minister of culture Mr. Evangelos Venizelos at the opening who received an articulate knight from the Museum staff as a honorary guest’s gift.


1998 – Chalkida Chess Tournament.
1998 – Kalavrita Chess Tournament.
1998 - The President of the Greek Republic Mr. Kostis Stefanopoulos is honored with a 3rd Millennium Knight ,a remembrance gift from the Kalavrita chess club and the Top Greek Chess Players. The event was held to honor the victims of the 2nd W.W. Kalavrita Massacre on 13th Dec. 1943. President Kostis Stefanopoulos (1995-2005) is an avid chess player who talked to us about his enthusiasm for chess and commented on the high quality of my work.
1999 - FIDE World Chess Championship at the Geneva Olympic Museum.

2000 – Wijk Ann Zee Chess Tournament in Holland.
2000 - Music and Chess ceremony to honor one of the most esteemed Greek music composers Mimis Plessas (avid chess player) at Kalavrita.
2000 - European Open Chess Tournament, Patra where I presented Gary Kasparov with the 3rd Millennium Knight.
2001 – FRITZ 7 Computer vs Christodoulos Banikas, current top chess title holder. The chess encounter was held at the Greek Egyptians cultural centre.
2001 - Organized the 20th Greek Chess championship at Levidi-Arkadia and took part in the Exhibition Levidi Arkadias during the 20TH Greek Chess Championship.
2001 – The closing of the radio show, by Neoklis Iliopoulos for the Radio of western Greece based in Zakynthos, was Enlightened Thoughts, Wise Decisions.(The show went on till 2004)
2002-Chess book Publication by Ministry of Education and the Greek Chess Federation
2002 - Kavala City Hall, Invitation from local chess club. Commissioned work for Kavala Mayor and government dignitaries
2003—Book ‘’Tinella Kalinike’ ’GEMA Publications.
2004 - Cultural Olympiad exhibition at International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos V.I.P. Lounge.Athens.
2005 - International Braille Chess Association in collaboration with the Borough of Evia Greece held an international chess tournament. During the chess tournament i organized a parallel event- exhibition with Mr.Petros Roukoutakis a distinguished sculptor and artist.
2006 – Trophies-awards ceremony of the School chess junior championship. Chess-art exhibition Porto Hydra Hotel Ermioni.
2006 - Organized junior chess tournament to honor Fidel’s 80th birthday at the Pinar Del Rio Children’s Hospital Pinar Del Rio Cuba.
2007 - Onassis Equestrian Events Markopoulo Attiki.
2008 - Miss World Tourism pageant at Caravel Hotel Athens. Commissioned work.
2008 - World Fencing Cup 2008 Florina Greece. Commissioned work.
2008 - Gemin 2008 Hotel Royal Olympic Athens.
2008 -6th Forum of the World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty - Athens.
2009 -
ΙΑΝΟS Art Gallery - ’Pillars of smoke’.
2012 -Posidonia 2012 as a guest artist at the stand of Piraeus University of Maritime Studies    

One-man shows

1983 - Foreign Press Association Conference Hall - Athens, photographic exhibition.
During the show I incorporated at the entrance an innovation by combining the natural sound of rain falling on different surfaces to follow the subjects’ feeling with a wet look on the floor.

1998- Chalkida Chess Tournament art exhibition.
1998- Kalavrita Cultural Hall Chess Tournament art exhibition.
2001- Greek Egyptian Cultural Centre Chess Tournament art exhibition.
2001- Cultural Centre Levidi Arkadia’s Chess Tournament art exhibition.
2002 - Kavala City Hall art exhibition.
2002 - Kalithea Chalkidiki Athos Palace Chess Tournament art exhibition.
2006 - Porto Hydra Hotel Ermioni Chess Tournament art exhibition.
2007 - Miss World Tourism pageant Ledra Marriot Hotel Athens art exhibition.
2008 - Gemin 2008 Hotel Royal Olympic Athens art exhibition.





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